my body cannot maintain the growth so i project it outward is a work in progress that is looking toward performance enhancement products used for hypertrophic effect as materials for creating objects that exist as results of experiments on using the (implied) strength imbued in products like creatine to make conversely fragile artworks that stem from thinking about how one can aestheticize their appearance by building a muscled body.

untitled (my body cannot maintain the growth so i project it outward) creatine on paper, acrylic rod, monofilament, blue raspberry BCAA intra-workout catalyst powder suspended in epoxy resin, laminate, nails, creatine on rope, screw, water and creatine solution, pvc coated metal wire shelves, plastic bin, creatine on string, metal hook, inkjet print mounted on perforated steel and laminated brushed aluminum, aluminum perforated angle, empty vials. Dimensions variable. 2015.