DOYOUEVENLIFT takes inspiration from the constructed ideals and sculptural qualities inherent to bodybuilding culture and the body-builder, respectively. Data, supplements, bodies, and equipment intrinsic to the milieu are used as both research and materials for creating artworks that ruminate on the muscular male archetype and his relationship to art traditions. The project provides an analytical yet celebratory stance on the culture of size, and the intersection of muscle and art aesthetics becomes a space for creating dialogue surrounding the #beastmode generation.

rack. aluminum, spray paint, bolts. 4' x 3' x 8'; doryphoros speared. skin-safe sillicone, aluminum, spray paint. dimensions variable. 2015; inspire. inkjet print mounted to laminated brushed aluminum sheet. 48" x 58"; idealbodybuildemeasurements. 4-10 inkjet printed transparencies (44" x 72" each), acrylic poster rails, monofilament. total dimensions variable. 2015.