Edwin Isford (b. 1985, Canada)

Solo Exhibition

You’ll grow into it. Pop Montreal: Art Pop, Montreal.

Amulets. The Lily, Calgary.

Une Tombe Peu Profonde Pour Un Homme Élancé. Vie D'Ange, Montréal.

Impersonal Matter. Bunker 2, Toronto.

the form reveals my mind. The Valley, Montréal.

Duo Exhibtion

A COURTYARD. With Lorna Bauer. Curated by CK2. The Loon, Toronto.


2017 Concordia University. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Montréal.


Edwin Isford is an artist based out of Montréal, a city located on traditional and unceded Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) territory. Edwin is interested in speculative transformation: his projects often comprise constellations of processed objects such as rubber sculptures that grow in water, drawings made with fitness supplements, or alginate casts of bodies and the environment. His practice favours a non- hierarchal approach to processes and materials where a variety of forces and things can exist on equal terms.

Research on bodybuilding, new materialist feminism, and photography inform the creation of Edwin’s approach to art making, and he aims to feature material as companion towards communicating the plurality of corporeal experience in all people and things. He considers such a practice as a way of understanding the materiality, processes, and motivations that compose human and non-human matter alike both physically and intangibly.